Sunday, April 15, 2018

West Central Area/Ashby/Brandon-Evansville Wrestling Awards

By Kevin Fick
Barrett, MN

The West Central Area/Ashby/Brandon Evansville wrestling teams (both elementary and high school) met Saturday, April 14 for the awards and recognition night. The evening commenced with a potluck dinner followed by a program and awards. Kim Dingwall was the guest speaker. Video presentations for both elementary and high school were prepared by Tammie Olson.

In total the youth wrestling program boasts 78 grapplers. These young men competed in over 800 matches and earned over 350 wins by fall! The Mighty Knights were coached by: Dan Wales, Shane Wevley, Randy DeNardo, Chad Lohse and Dallas Koplin.

National Participants, Placers, and Belt Winners
-Hunter Gruchow DNP at Gopher State
-Will Rustan competed at Gopher State and Buffalo DNP
-Solomon Wales competed at Gopher State and Buffalo DNP
-Owen Gruchow competed at Gopher State DNP and Buffalo 5th
-Evan Dingwall was a Belt Winner this year as he place 3rd at the Hawkeye (IA.) and Buffalo Nationals and took 2nd at Gopher State
-Will Rustan competed at the MNUSA Heartland National Team Duals (NE.), went 4-3 as the team wrestled for 7th place

State MN USA
11 entrants Brody Brunkow, Logan Schmall, Logon Long, Landon Long, Hunter Gruchow, Carter Lohse, Justin Blascyk 6th, Owen Gruchow 4th, Caden Wevley 2nd, Anthony Sykora 2nd, and Will Rustan 1st.

State NYWA & Invite
5 State Entrants and 1 Invite Entrant State Entrants Anthony Sykora, Owen Gruchow, Solomon Wales, Evan Dingwall 5th and Colton Lindquist 4th
Hunter Gruchow won the Invite  

Win and Pin Awards Owen Gruchow Most Wins with 66 and also Most Pins with 46

Varsity & Junior Varsity Awards: The Varsity and JV wrestled 1,451 matches this season winning 960 and dropping 491. Inside of that the varsity posted a win record of 345 wins and 238 losses. As a team the group went 17-4 in duals and ended their season as Section 6A runners up. The team was coach by Head Coach Brandon Gruchow who was assisted by Troy Lohse, Andrew Peterson, Logan Nibbe and Aaron Ray.

MWCA Team Acedemic Gold Award 3.576 collective gpa
Chris Onstad, Kaleb Getz, Bret Duncan, Wyatt Olson, John Barber, Kade Olson, Hunter Mickelsen, Jordan Lohse, Mason Nibbe, and Levi Larkin

Spotlight on Scholarship Award maintained a 3.0 GPA or higher during the season.
Seniors:Ben Funkhouser, John Barber, Aiden Winter, Mason Nibbe, Levi Larkin, Kaden Spindler, Chris Onstad. Juniors: Hunter Hanson, Wyatt Olson, Hunter Mickelsen Sophomores: Vince Finkelson, Aaron Holmes, Bret Duncan, Kaleb Getz Freshman: Connor Nadgwick, Austin Mattson, Deklin Goeden, Kade Olson, Jordan Lohse 8th Grade Shad Swanson, Reubens Swanson, Colton Lindquist, Tyler Stone, Anthony Sykora 7th Grade: Beau Robinson, Dierk Goeden, Ethan Johnsrud, Justin Blascyk, As well as our stats girls Jenessa Styba, Elli Johnsrud, Ryanne Long, Kjersten Nibbe, and Lexi Danner

JV wrestlers
Colin Anderson, Beau Robinson, Dierk Goeden, Ethan Johnsrud, Quinten Winter, Justin Blascyk, Ashton Danner, Shad Swanson, Jayson Crow, Colton Lindquist, Connor Nadgwick, Mark Adams
III, Austin Mattson, Deklin Goeden, Cody Nadgwick, Ben Funkhouser, Aiden Winter, Chase Veldhouse, Tyler Stone

JV Award Winners
Most Improved Vince Finkelson, Hardest Worker Colton Lindquist, Most Valuable Colton Lindquist

Perfect Attendance at Practice Recognition
Anthony Sykora, Colton Lindquist, Jordan Lohse, Bret Duncan, Hunter Hanson, Kaden Spindler and Levi Larkin

Stat Girls (all girls lettered)
1st year Eli Johnsrud and Jenessa Styba, 2nd year Kjersten Nibbe, 4th year Ryanne Long, 5th year Lexi Danner
Stat Girl of the Year: Kjersten Nibbe

Varsity Letter Winners
1st year: Anthony Sykora, Reubens Swanson, and Aaron Holmes 2nd year:Kade Olson, Bret Duncan, Devin Stone, Wyatt Olson, John Barber 3rd year Jordan Lohse, Kaleb Getz, Alex Butcher, Hunter Hanson, Kaden Spindler, Mason Nibbe 4th year: Hunter Mickelsen, Chris Onstad 5th year Levi Larkin

Senior Recognition Mason Nibbe, Chase Veldhouse, Kaden Spindler, Levi Larkin, Chris Onstad, John Barber, Ben Funkhouser

MWCA Pin and Win Awards
25 Pin Awards: Jordan Lohse, Kaleb Getz, Hunter Mickelsen, Wyatt Olson
50 Pin Award: Mason Nibbe 56 career pins and Levi Larkin 66 career pins
100 Pin Award:Kaden Spindler 104 pins career
75 Wins Award: Mason Nibbe career wins of 96
150 Wins Award: Levi Larkin career wins of 151 and Kaden Spindler career wins of 187

State Participants
106: 7th grade Anthony Sykora 126: 10th grade Kaleb Getz 160: Senior Kaden Spindler 170: Levi Larkin 195: Wyatt Olson 220: Mason Nibbe

All State Wrestlers-Kaden Spindler and Levi Larkin.

Varsity Awards
1 Rookie Wrestler Anthony Sykora
2. Most Improved Devin Stone
3. Hardest Workers Levi Larkin and Alex Butcher
4. Spirit Award Levi Larkin
5. Most Valuable Wrestler Kaden Spindler

Varsity Statistical Leaders (top five in each category) Wins:1. Kaden Spindler 44, 2. Levi Larkin 38, 3. Wyatt Olson 32, 4. Anthony Sykora 30, 5. Mason Nibbe 29
Team Points: 1. Spindler 232, 2. Larkin 180, 3. Nibbe 163, 4. W. Olson 162, 5. Sykora 158 Pins: 1. Spindler 24, 2. Larkin 20, 3. Nibbe 17, 3. Sykora 17, 5. W. Olson 16 Techinal Falls: 1. Spindler 4, 2. Sykora 2, 3. Kaleb Getz 1 Takedowns: 1.Spindler 74, 2. W. Olson 52, 3. Getz 50, 4. Sykora 48, 5. Larkin 45, 5. Chris Onstad 45 Escapes: 1. Larkin 34, 2. W. Olson 32, 3. Nibbe 31, 4. John Barber 29, 4. Devin Stone 29 Reversals: 1. Sykora 20, 2. Larkin 15, 3. Onstad 14, 4. Getz 12, 4. Nibbe 12 2 Point Near Fall: 1. Spindler 21, 2. Sykora 17, 3. Hunter Hanson 10, 4. Getz 8, 5. Hunter Mickelsen 5, 5. Nibbe 5

3 Point Near Fall: 1. Spindler 24, 2. Larkin 15, 3. Sykora 14, 4. Jordan Lohse 12, 4. Getz 12