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Monday, February 5, 2018

Knight Wrestlers Battle Through 3 Duals and a Conference Tournament

By Kevin Fick - Barrett, MN


Last week found the WCA/A/B-E grapplers in dual action three times and the Park Region Conference tournament. As it should be when nearing the end of the season the level of competition certainly increased and tested the Knights on all levels. Although the results may not be exactly what the team intended when the week began it provided a measuring stick in which to gauge themselves, maybe even a gut check. 


On Tuesday the Knights traveled to Frazee to face the #2 ranked Hornets. The dual was tight and both teams were trading punches but the Hornets, as all great teams seem to do, found a way to come out on top by a margin of 10 points as they put away the Knights by a score of 37-27. 


Thursday WCA/A/B-E headed south to Belgrade to face off with a scrappy Royalton-Upsala unit and perhaps an underrated #9 ranked Belgrade-Brooten-Elrosa Jaguar team. The first dual of the night was against R/U in which the Knights dispatched with relative ease by way of a 46-20 win. During the match up with the hometown Jaguars the Knights found themselves on the ropes early. WCA/A/B-E did provide a flurry of points at the end to close up a gaudy gap but it was a little to little a little too late. BBE upset the Knights by a score of 36-31. 


Saturday found the team traveling south again, this time to Royalton for the Park Region Conference tournament. Nine teams now make up the conference and talent was on display. Three of the teams are currently ranked in the top ten and three others have been in the top 20 at some point this season. That translates to tough wrestling. Speaking with several of the wrestlers the idea was to walk away with another conference crown but when it all shook out runner-up was the position earned. That being said the Knights did wrestle a very solid tournament as they placed all 14 wrestlers on the podium with a pair of champions, three runner-ups, three third placers, a fourth place, a fifth, and four sixth place finishes. 


The week was grinding no doubt but that is what this sport is all about...testing yourself! The staff and young men they lead will no doubt use the week as a tool. A motivational tool perhaps, or a wake up call. Improvements will be made and the team will have one more tune up before the post season when they travel to Morris on Saturday for the Tiger Invite which starts at 10 am. 


Coach Brandon Gruchow commented about the week as such, “What a week! Many miles were put on and a lot of great wrestling took place. It has been a mix of ups and downs. It would have sure been nice coming out with three dual wins and a conference championship. Instead we got one win and a runner-up. BBE matched up with us extremely well and I would say we did not wrestle to our full potential.” Gruchow continued with, “We obviously wanted to win in everything we competed in but that doesn't always happen because you want it to. In the next week we get to mentally refocus, tune up some technique, push the conditioning, and get ready for the post season. I am still waiting for our team to have that match where everyone wrestles to their full potential, win or lose.”


Frazee (FRAZ) 37.00 West Central Area-Ashby-Brandon-Evansville (WCAA) 27.00
106: Anthony Sykora (WCAA) over Jake Nagel (FRAZ) (Fall 1:29)
113: Michael Miller (FRAZ) over Reubens Swanson (WCAA) (Fall 1:18)
120: Landon Byer (FRAZ) over Jordan Lohse (WCAA) (Dec 6-3)
126: Tanner Schermerhorn (FRAZ) over Kaleb Getz (WCAA) (MD 13-0)
132: Chris Onstad (WCAA) over Lukas Volstad (FRAZ) (Dec 12-5)
138: Carter Shipman (FRAZ) over Hunter Hanson (WCAA) (Fall 0:48)
145: Hunter Mickelsen (WCAA) over Mason Newling (FRAZ) (Fall 5:59)
152: Hudson Hiemenz (FRAZ) over John Barber (WCAA) (Dec 10-3)
160: Kaden Spindler (WCAA) over (FRAZ) (For.)
170: Levi Larkin (WCAA) over Tanner Eischens (FRAZ) (Dec 10-8)
182: Brett Graham (FRAZ) over Wyatt Olson (WCAA) (Dec 4-0)
195: Gabe Drewes (FRAZ) over Mark Adams (WCAA) (Fall 0:57)
220: Mason Nibbe (WCAA) over Luke Tweeton (FRAZ) (Dec 5-3)
285: Tanner Tappe (FRAZ) over Devin Stone (WCAA) (Fall 3:31)
West Central Area-Ashby-Brandon-Evansville (WCAA) 46.00 Royalton-Upsala (ROUP) 20.00
106: Anthony Sykora (WCAA) over Will Gorecki (ROUP) (MD 10-0)
113: Sam Costanzo (ROUP) over Reubens Swanson (WCAA) (MD 13-4)
120: Jordan Lohse (WCAA) over Jacob Leibold (ROUP) (Fall 3:22)
126: Kaleb Getz (WCAA) over Wyatt Lahr (ROUP) (Dec 4-3)
132: Chris Onstad (WCAA) over Gavin Sowada (ROUP) (Fall 2:45)
138: Brady Conrad (ROUP) over Hunter Hanson (WCAA) (Dec 6-2)
145: Damian Theisen (ROUP) over Hunter Mickelsen (WCAA) (MD 9-1)
152: John Barber (WCAA) over (ROUP) (For.)
160: Kaden Spindler (WCAA) over Jackson Held (ROUP) (Dec 13-11)
170: Alex Butcher (WCAA) over Gage Louden (ROUP) (Fall 3:02)
182: Levi Larkin (WCAA) over Marshall Meehl (ROUP) (Fall 0:52)
195: Wyatt Olson (WCAA) over Aaron Block (ROUP) (Fall 1:39)
220: Jason Kasella (ROUP) over Mason Nibbe (WCAA) (Dec 8-1)
285: Mason Novitzki (ROUP) over Devin Stone (WCAA) (Fall 1:49)

Belgrade-Brooten-Elrosa (BBE) 36.00 West Central Area-Ashby-Brandon-Evansville (WCAA) 31.00
106: Anthony Sykora (WCAA) over Walker Bents (BBE) (Fall 0:19)
113: Blaine Fischer (BBE) over Jordan Lohse (WCAA) (Dec 2-0)
120: Ryan Young (BBE) over Reubens Swanson (WCAA) (Fall 1:49)
126: Canon Swanson (BBE) over Kaleb Getz (WCAA) (Dec 6-4)
132: Dylan T. Kampsen (9th) (BBE) over Chris Onstad (WCAA) (Dec 5-1)
138: Tyler Bents (BBE) over Hunter Hanson (WCAA) (Fall 3:39)
145: Hunter Mickelsen (WCAA) over Taiton Linder (BBE) (Dec 5-2)
152: Isaiah Gilbert (BBE) over John Barber (WCAA) (Fall 4:21)
160: Adam Jaeger (BBE) over Kaden Spindler (WCAA) (UTB 2-1)
170: Mark Jenniges (BBE) over Alex Butcher (WCAA) (Fall 1:48)
182: Levi Larkin (WCAA) over Isaac Kampsen (BBE) (Fall 0:27)
195: Wyatt Olson (WCAA) over Trevor Kern (BBE) (MD 11-1)
220: Mason Nibbe (WCAA) over Seth Roering (BBE) (Fall 5:16)
285: Devin Stone (WCAA) over Joseph Thompson (BBE) (Fall 1:03)
Team Points:
Long Prairie/Grey Eagle/Browerville 191
West Central Area/Ashby/Brandon-Evansville 182
Ottertail Central 174
Bertha-Hewitt/Verndale/Parkers Prairie 142
New York Mills 125
Royalton/Upsala 124
United North Central 81
Osakis 65
Wadena-Deer Creek 23

2017-2018 Park Region Conference Wrestler of the Year: Holt Truax BHV/PP 12th 182 Pounds
2017-2018 Park Region Conference Fall Award: Jason Kasella Royalton/Upsala 12th 220 Pounds
2017-2018 Park Region Conference Coach: Jake Lorentz Long Prairie/Grey Eagle/Browerville

Thomas Pesta (LPGE/BR) 12 145 Pounds Won His 100th Career Match
Jason Kasella Royalton/Upsala 12 220 Pounds Won His 100th Career Match

Placement Matches:
106 Pounds
Dane Niemi (NYM) Dec. Carter Meiners (LPGE) 11-9
Third Place
Anthony Sykora (WCA) Dec. Laredo Bugbee (OTC) 6-1
Fifth Place
Deagan Captain (BHV/PP) Dec. Will Gorecki (R/U) 4-0

113 Pounds
Ben Naddy (OTC) Dec. Quinn Kern (BHV/PP) 4-1
Third Place
Jordan Lohse (WCA) Maj. Dec. Sam Constanzo (R/U) 11-0
Fifth Place
Isaac Tellers (UNC) Dec. Gabe Geiser (NYM) 7-2

120 Pounds
Marc Hendricks (OTC) Dec. Carter Haman (NYM) 6-3
Third Place
Jacob Leibold (R/U) Dec. Landon Gode (R/U) 7-6
Fifth Place
Jason Koehn (BHV/PP) Fall Ruebens Swanson (WCA) 3:32

126 Pounds
Mason Gode (LPGE) Dec. Caleb Getz (WCA) 8-4
Third Place
Nathan Kulzer (OSK) Dec. Hayden Hart (OTC) 3-1
Fifth Place
Bren Salo (NYM) Dec. Wyatt Lahr (R/U) 3-1 OT

132 Pounds
Nate Hart (OTC) Dec. Chris Onstad (WCA) 9-4
Third Place
Trever Arceneau (BHV/PP) Dec. Eion Ness (UNC) 8-4
Fifth Place
Nye Becker (LPGE) Dec. Logan Small (NYM) 8-6

138 Pounds
Gage Zieske (OSK) Dec. Matt Frost (NYM) 5-2
Third Place
Devin Dean (BHV/PP) Dec. Ted Stacey (LPGE) 15-11
Fifth Place
Matt Hendricks (OTC) Fall Hunter Hanson (WCA) 1:32

145 Pounds
Thomas Pesta (LPGE) Dec. Damion Thiesen (R/U) 6-3
Third Place
Mason Schroeder (BHV/PP) Dec. Hunter Mickelson (WCA) 7-3
Fifth Place
Bridger Bettin (UNC) Dec. Duncan Vandergon (OSK) 5-3

152 Pounds
Toby Hintzman (UNC) Fall Zane Swanson (OTC) 5:33
Third Place
Gideon Ervasti (BHV/PP) Fall Gabe Pesta (LPGE) 1:32
Fifth Place
John Barber (WCA) Dec. Alex Sandoval (NYM) 5-2

160 Pounds
Kaden Spindler (WCA) Dec. Jackson Held (R/U) 6-4
Third Place
Dylan Fischer (NYM) Dec. Alex Erlandson (OTC) 5-3 OT
Fifth Place
Caleb Pesta (LPGE/BR) Dec. Cody Wheeler (WDC) 4-2 OT

170 Pounds
Levin Larkin (WCA) Fall Dalton Butler (LPGE) 2:30
Third Place
Steven Erkenbrack (WDC) Dec. Jace Leabo (OTC) 5-3
Fifth Place
Lyle Zimmerman (R/U) Fall Gator Bettin (UNC) 2:36

182 Pounds
Holt Truax (BHV/PP) Fall Keegan Cavallero (LPGE) 4:29
Third Place
Marshall Meehl (R/U) Fall Dominic Strom (OSK) 4:08
Fifth Place
Kevin Tierney (OTC) Fall Mark Adams (WCA) 1:15

195 Pounds
Jake Erckenbrack (NYM) Dec. Wyatt Thorson (OTC) 7-0
Third Place
Wyatt Olson (WCA) Dec. Levi Line (LPGE) 7-0
Fifth Place
Brock Faber (OSK) Fall Aaron Block (R/U) 4:56

220 Pounds
Jason Kasella (R/U) Dec. Mason Nibbe (WCA) 12-7
Third Place
Hans Holmquist (LPGE/BR) Fall Brock Kako (UNC) 4:12
Fifth Place
Brandon Wirre (NYM) Fall Logan Wegscheid (WDC) 1:50

285 Pounds
Craig Orlando (BHV/PP) Fall Jared Seibert (UNC) 2:28
Third Place
RJ Ehlert (OTC) Fall Devin Lange (LPGE/BR) 2:48
Fifth Place
Jeran Baker (OSK) Dec. Devin Stone (WCA) 5-3

106 pounds
Carter Meiners (LPGE) Maj. Dec. Laredo Bugbee (OTC) 13-0
Dane Niemi (NYM) Dec. Anthony Sykora (WCA) 7-3

113 pounds
Ben Naddy (OTC) Maj. Dec. Jordan Lohse (WCA) 12-1
Quinn Kern (BHV/PP) Maj. Dec. Gabe Geiser (NYM) 11-3

120 pounds
Marc Henricks (OTC) Dec. Jacob Leibold (R/U) 7-4
Carter Haman (NYM) Dec. Landon Gode (LPGE) 2-1

126 pounds
Mason Gode (LPGE) Fall Nathan Kulzer (OSK) 2:26
Kaleb Getz (WCA) Dec. Bren Salo (NYM) 5-1

132 pounds
Nate Hart (OTC) Maj. Dec. Eion Ness (UNC) 11-3
Chris Onstad (WCA) Dec. Trever Arceneau (BHV/PP) 12-11

138 pounds
Gage Zieske (OSK) Maj. Dec. Ted Stacey (LPGE) 20-9
Matt Frost (NYM) Fall Devin Dean (BHV/PP) 1:38

145 pounds
Thomas Pesta (LPGE) Fall Bridger Bettin (UNC) 4:30
Damion Thiesen (R/U) Dec. Hunter Mickelson (WCA) 2-1

152 pounds
Toby Hintzman (UNC) Fall Gabe Pesta (LPGE) 1:08
Zane Swanson (OTC) Dec. Gideon Ervasti (BHV/PP) 9-3

160 pounds
Kaden Spindler (WCA) Fall Cody Wheeler (WDC) 5:30
Jackson Held (R/U) Fall Dylan Fischer (NYM) 3:54

170 pounds
Dalton Butler (LPGE) Maj. Dec. Steven Erkenbrack (WDC) 14-4
Levi Larkin (WCA) Maj. Dec. Lyle Zimmerman (R/U) 9-0

182 pounds
Holt Truax (BHV/PP) Tech. Fall Marshall Meehl (R/U) 3:39
Keegan Cavallero (LPGE) Fall Dominic Strom (OSK) 3:58

195 pounds
Jake Erckenbrack (NYM) Dec. Levi Line (LPGE) 7-5
Wyatt Thorson (OTC) Dec. Wyatt Olson (WCA) 7-6

220 pounds
Jason Kasella (R/U) Fall Brock Kako (UNC) :57
Mason Nibbe (WCA) Dec. Hans Holmquist (LPGE) 3-2

285 pounds
Craig Orlando (BHV/PP) Fall R. J. Ehlert (OTC) 3:20
Jared Seibert (UNC) Fall Devin Lange (LPGE) 2:42

(Four Man Round Robin) Champions Listed
#1 Braden Thomas (LPGE/BR)
#2 Gavin Albers (LPGE/BR)
#3 Simon Snyder (Wadena-Deer Creek)
#4 Omar Zamora (LPGE/BR)
#5 Aiden Larson (BHV/PP)
#6 Brian Poser (Ottertail Central)
#7 Ryder Ashbaugh (BHV/PP)
#8 Kalen Kraft (Ottertail Central)
#9 Jacob Guck (New York Mills)
#10 Blake Masone (Ottertail Central)
#11 Brock Costanzo (Royalton/Upsala)
#12 Dylan Rasmussen (United North Central)
#13 Tate Twardowski (LPGE/BR)
#14 Kade Olson (West Central Area)
#15 Hunter Dean (BHV/PP)
#16 Chase Velhouse (West Central Area)
#17 Bergen Pesta (LPGE/BR)
#18 Colten LIndquist (West Central Area)
#19 Cody Nadgwick (West Central Area)
#20 Noah Schleske (Ottertail Central)
#21 Deklin Goenden (West Central Area)
#22 Tyler Eggert (BHV/PP)
#23 Trey Lancaster (LPGE/BR)
#24 Cain Beehler (Ottertail Central)

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