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Fergus Falls School
Fergus Falls Wrestling
Perham School
Perham Wrestling

Friday, November 24, 2017

Section 8AA Wrestling Preview

By Roger Mischke


Head Coach: Rob Moser
Enrollment: 421
Conference: Heart O'Lakes

The Yellow Jackets of Perham will have back from their great dual meet campaign of 30-2, nine section place winners, including six state qualifiers, two of which earned state tourney medals. They have nine wrestlers returning with over twenty wins and one with a 14-1 mark. Ty Moser earned third place with a 47-2 record, Dawson Kellogg earned fourth place with 40-8 mark, Zachary Peterson 35-6, Dylan Fudge 33-5, Leighton Rach 29-13, Gabe Bellefeuille 28-5 all state qualifiers and Owen Werner 34-9, Jack Fudge 26-12, Wyatt Guck 22-23 and Dylan Johnson 14-1 should be their key leaders thru out the season. They did graduate five section place winners and an All Conference performer last spring, including two state qualifiers. That is a huge loss for most programs, but look for this young team to continue to improve of the course of the season. They could in fact challenge those great dual meet numbers from last season. Look for them to defend their conference and section honors. They will be looking for a top four spot in this State Class AA dual meet campaign.  

Fifth Place State Class AA
Section 8AA Champions
30-2 Overall/5-0 Heart O'Lakes
Fourteen Section Place Winners/Eight State Qualifiers/Two State Place Winners
First Place Heart O'Lakes/Mid-State Conference Tournament: 268 Pt. (14 Placers)
First Place Bemidji "Rick Lee" Duals: (6-0) (16 Teams)
First Place Grand Forks "43rd Annual Sertoma" Duals: (4-0) (16 Teams)
First Place Wadena/Deer Creek "Dennis Kaatz Memorial" Invite: 271.5 Pt. (13 Placers)
First Place Perham "KLN" Invite: 208 Pt. (14 Placers) 

Returning Wrestlers:
Ty Moser                               11th                 47-2                1st Sec./3rd State/AC
Dawson Kellogg                   10th                 40-8                 2nd Sec./4th State/AC
Zachary Peterson                 11th                 35-6                1st Section/AC
Dylan Fudge                         11th                 33-5                 1st Section/AC
Owen Werner                       10th                 34-9                 4th Section/AC
Leighton Rach                      11th                 29-13               2nd Section/AC
Gabe Bellefeuille                  10th                 28-5                 2nd Section/AC
Jack Fudge                             9th                 26-12               4th Section/AC
Wyatt Guck                          12th                 22-23               4th Section/AC
Dylan Johnson                     12th                 14-1                
Jose Lopez                           11th                    4-8
Colton Hackel                         8th                   3-3
Noah Rooney                          9th                   2-1
Don Gattwalt                        10th                   1-1
Brian Ramos                           8th                   1-1 

Ben Nelson                            18-4                 2nd Section               (117-40 Career)
Jonathan Staebler                36-6                 3rd Section/AC          (63-24 Career)
Evan Guck                             35-8                 1st Section/AC          (58-29 Career)
Gage Paurus                         32-14               3rd Section/AC          (57-60 Career)
Patrick Johnson                    24-13               AC                               (55-48 Career)
Ryan Schmitz                        21-12               4th Section                 

Head Coach: Skip Toops
Enrollment: 347
Conference: Central Minnesota
Section 8AA

The Pioneers will have back from their 34-2 dual meet campaign and state runner up honors eight section place winners, including five state qualifiers and three others with a great deal of experience. Jalen Jansen 37-11, Reese Kapsner 36-9, Jake Andres 33-9, Carson Huls 31-12 and Brandon Funk 25-18 all state qualifiers and Austin Dickmann at 23-5 should they their key leaders thru out the season. They graduated eight last spring, including four state qualifiers, two earn state tourney medals. Despite that loss and the fact they have been moved into AA, they should make a challenge to defend their conference honors. They should make a strong challenge for one of those four spots in what should be a very good dual meet campaign.  

Class A State Runner Up
34-2 Overall Duals/6-0 Central Minnesota Champions
Section 7A Champions
Thirteen Section Place Winners/Nine State Qualifiers/Two State Placers
Third Place Brainerd "Paul Bunyan" Invite: 146 Pt. (10 Placers) 

Returning Wrestlers:
Jalen Jansen                         12th                 37-11               2nd Section
Reese Kapsner                      10th                 36-9                 2nd Section/AC
Jake Andres                          11th                 33-9                 2nd Section/AC
Carson Huls                          11th                 31-12               2nd Section
Brandon Funk                       10th                 25-18               2nd Section
Austin Dickmann                  11th                 23-5
Austin Radunz                      11th                 14-20                3rd Section
Sebastian Warzecka            11th                 12-11                6th Section
Luke Girtz                             11th                   9-11                4th Section
Colton Kaspner                     11th                   9-7
Isaac Otte                             10th                   4-2 

Brett Kapsner                        42-3                 1st Sec./2nd State/AC          (166-62 Career)
Brandan Ortman                    29-3                 1st Sec./6th State/AC          (168-33 Career)
Matt Kummet                         32-2                 1st Section/AC                      (119-27 Career)
Logan Lease                           30-10               3rd Section/AC                     (47-28 Career)
Andrew Tomala                      26-7                 1st Section                            (90-61 Career)
Lukas Popp                             25-4                 Injured                                  (37-23 Career)
Troy Fischer                           15-6                 3rd Section
Lane Girtz                              Injured             Jr./37-6 2nd Section/AC      (75-31 Career) 

Head Coach: Kenny Geiser
Enrollment: 546 TRF/48 Goodridge/95 MCW/81 Stephen-Argyle/81 Warren
Conference: North Star 

The Prowlers of Thief River Falls will have back from their 16-6 dual meet campaign, six section place winners, including three state qualifiers, one previous state qualifier and fourteen with a wide range of varsity experience. Josh Bernier 40-5, Cade Lundeen 39-9 and Brenan Peralta 22-11 state qualifiers, Connor Swanson 27-15, Kyle Miller 23-18, previous state qualifier Jake Davis 24-15 and Matthew Kolden 17-15 and Brady Kasprich 13-3 all should be key leaders thru out their season. They did graduate four seniors last spring, including three section place winners, of which one was a state place winner. That is a big loss for most programs, but look for them to place a very balanced and talented team on the mat. They should challenge those dual meet numbers from last season. Look for them to challenge for a top four spot in what should be a very good section dual meet campaign.  

Final Four Section 8AA
16-6 Overall
Nine Section Place Winners/ Four State Qualifiers
Second Place Wadena-Deer Creek "Dennis Kaatz Memorial" Invite: 180.5 Pt. (11 Placers)
Second Place Cass Lake "Big Bear" Invite: 161.5 Pt. (6 Placers) (65 Teams)
First Place Thief River Falls "Army/National Guard" Invite: 160 Pt. (10 Placers)
First Place Walker/Hackensack/Ackley/Nevis "Wolf Pack" Invite: 192.5 Pt. (11 Placers)
Second Place Grand Forks "43rd Annual Sertoma" Duals: (5-1) (16 Teams)
Third Place Fertile "Northwest" Invite: 107 Pt. (5 Placers) 

Returning Wrestlers:
Josh Bernier                         12th                 40-5                 1st Section/AC
Cade Lundeen                      11th                 39-9                 1st Section/AC
Connor Swanson                  12th                 27-15               3rd Section/AC
Jake Davis                            10th                 24-15               Injured
Kyle Miller                            11th                 23-18               6th Section
Brenan Peralta                     11th                 22-11               2nd Section/AC
Matthew Kolden                   10th                 17-15
Brady Kasprich                       8th                 13-3
Cody Wienen                          8th                 16-17
Cole Johnson                        10th                 13-16
Cody Sele                              11th                   9-9                 6th Section
Jayce Lizakowski                  11th                   6-22
Mason Iverson                        9th                   4-3
Kirby Kilen                              9th                    3-1
Aaron Bruggeman                10th                    3-7
Ethan Nelson                        11th                    2-4
Brandon Zuniga                      9th                    2-4
Damien Scherber                  12th                    1-6
Hunter Shallet                       11th                   1-3
Kevin Jensen                         11th                   1-2
Jon Hulst                               10th                   1-2

Noah Hawkins                       30-13               2nd Section/AC                     (67-43 Career)
Hunter Roller                        26-16               4th Section  
Kyle Fowler                           20-10               4th Section                            (65-55 Career)
Brayden Iraniszyn                  9-24

Head Coach: David Kosen
Enrollment: 364
Conference: Heart O'Lakes 

The Rebels will have back from their 10-14 dual meet campaign, nine section place winners, including four state qualifiers, of which two were state medal winners. Matthew Pollock earned a third place medal with a 38-6 mark and Jacob Arends earned a fifth place medal with a 32-11 mark, Jack Fuchs 25-9 and Zander Jenson 25-18 state qualifiers should be their key leaders thru out the season. They didn’t have anyone graduate last spring, they will be looking to challenge those dual meet marks from season. They could make a challenge for one of those top four spots in this section dual meet campaign.  

Final Four Section 8A
10-14 Overall Duals/4-2 Heart O'Lakes
Ten Section Place Winners/Four State Qualifiers/Two State Place Winners
Third Place Lake Park "Terry Teiken" Invite: 140 Pt. (12 Placers)
Fifth Place Perham "KLN" Invite: 68 Pt. (9 Placers)
Eighth Place Heart O'Lakes/Mid-State Conference Invite: 68 Pt. (4 Placers)  

Returning Wrestlers:
Matthew Pollock                   10th                 38-6                 1st Sec./3rd State/AC
Jacob Arends                        12th                 32-11               1st Sec./5th State/AC
Jack Fuchs                            11th                 25-9                 2nd Section
Zander Jenson                        9th                 25-18               2nd Section
Cody Sogge                           10th                 17-17               6th Section
Blake Bakken                          9th                 17-20               5th Section
Daniel Wilson                        12th                 14-23
Dakota Coggins                     11th                 13-19               4th Section
Carter Schmidt                      10th                 13-21               6th Section
Preston Johnson                     9th                   7-17
Trevor Dufault                       12th                  6-9
Ryan Heiberg                           9th                  1-9                  6th Section

Head Coach: Rob Ullyott
Enrollment: 737
Conference: Mid-State 

The Lakers will have back from their 17-6 dual meet campaign, nine section place winners, including two state qualifiers, one of which was a state place winner and nine others with varsity experience. Braydon Ortloff earned a fourth place medal with a 32-3 mark, Austin Baker a qualifier with 32-8 mark, Fabyon Greer 30-11, Noah Olds 27-14, Payton Jackson 24-14, Blake Weber 22-11 and Isaiah Thompson 20-8 should be their key leaders thru out the season. They did graduate two seniors last spring, including one section place winner. Look for the Lakers to challenge those dual meet numbers from last spring. They should make a challenge for conference honors and a strong challenge for one of those top four spots in this section dual meet campaign.  

Section 8AA Runner Up
Ten Section Place Winners/Two State Qualifiers/One State Place Winner
17-6 Overall/2-0 Mid-State
First Place Fosston/Bagley "Olson Memorial" Invite: 221.5 Pt. (11 Placers)
Sixth Place Heart O'Lakes/Mid-State Conference Tournament: 75.5 Pt. (5 Placers)
Seventh Place Thief River Falls "Army/National Guard Prowler" Invite: 97 Pt. (7 Placers) 

Returning Wrestlers:
Braydon Ortloff                     12th                 32-3                 1st Sec./4th State/AC
Austin Baker                         12th                 32-8                 2nd Section
Fabyon Greer                        11th                 30-11               3rd Section
Noah Olds                             11th                 27-14               5th Section
Payton Jackson                    12th                 24-14               3rd Section
Blake Weber                         10th                 22-11               4th Section
Isaiah Thompson                 10th                 20-8                 3rd Section
Jacob Hanson                         9th                 16-12|
Charles Barnett                    11th                 16-18
Brody Ullyott                          9th                 15-14               5th Section
Jordan Skadem                    10th                 13-17               6th Section
Blaine Henderson                  9th                   8-10
Thad Schauderaff                  9th                   6-25
Brennen Sather                   11th                   6-6
Garett Nelson                        9th                   5-7
Nolan Mann                           9th                   1-7
Bradley Swiers                      8th                   1-1
Jacob Ehnert                         8th                   1-0 

Sean Lundeen                       26-11               4th Section
Markus Jackson                    10-11 

Head Coach: Matt Clark
Enrollment: 371
Conference: Mid-State 

The Panthers of Park Rapids will have back from their 14-4 dual meet campaign, six section place winners, including two state place winners and nine with varsity experience. Ashton Clark earned a second place medal with a 39-3 mark and Cody Dravis earned a third place medal with a 38-7 mark and Landon Burlingame 24-11 should be their key leaders thru out the season. They did graduate ten last spring, including seven section place winners, of which four were state state qualifiers, one was a state medal winner. That is a huge loss for any program, but look for them to put out a very balanced line up. They should continue to make strides of improvement thru the course of the season.  

Section 8A Runner Up
14-4 Overall Duals/4-0 Mid-State Conference Champions
Thirteen Section Place Winners/Six State Qualifiers/Three State Place Winners
Third Place Heart O'Lakes/Mid-State Conference Tournament: 190 Pt. (12 Placers)
First Place BHV/PP "Knight Hawk" Invite: 208.5 Pt. (12 Placers)
First Place Crookston "Rod Olson" Invite: 204 Pt. (11 Placers)
Second Place Thief River Falls "Army/National Guard Prowler" Invite: 155 Pt. (9 Placers)
Seventh Place Cass Lake "Big Bear" Invite: 125 Pt. (5 Placers) 

Returning Wrestlers:
Ashton Clark                         11th                  39-3                 1st Sec./2nd State/AC
Cody Dravis                           11th                 38-7                 1st Sec./3rd State/AC
Landon Burlingame              12th                  24-11               4th Section
Jack Henzel                           11th                 10-14                4th Section
Kaden Safratowich               10th                   9-14                 4th Section
Joe Klein                               10th                   8-14                 6th Section
Zack Hocking                        12th                   7-9
Eli Bessman                          10th                   4-12
Dwayne Johnson                  12th                   3-2
John Hoefs                              9th                   3-10
Derek Greenfeather                9th                  2-7
Dawson Rath                        11th                   2-0
Tate Usher                              9th                   2-6
Kian Scott                             11th                   2-1
Elijah Hensel                        11th                   1-10 

Justin Dravis                         40-2                 1st Sec./3rd State/AC           (189-44 Career)
Nolan Booge                         37-7                 2nd Section/AC                      (113-67 Career)
Jared Sunram                        31-4                 1st Section/AC
Jacob Bittman                       30-8                 2nd Section/AC
Zach Nelson                          19-15               4th Section
Logan Veo                             17-18               3rd Section
Logan Johnson                     10-10               6th Section
Andrew Johnson                  10-10              
Eli McDaniel                           8-10
Anthony Ritter                      1-1

Co-Head Coaches: Vaughn Glasener-Chad Marthaler
Enrollment: 480 Melrose/304 Sauk Centre (784)
Conference: West Central
Section 8AA 

The Co-op will have back three section place winners and ten others with a great deal of experience. Roberta Raya 24-13, Bryce Stalboerger 24-17 and Sam Sjorgren section place winners and Luke Glasener 26-12, Lazaro Garcia 26-15 and Nate Loxtercamp and Brad Hellermann should be their key leaders thru out the season. They did graduate three seniors including two state qualifiers. Their leadership will truly be missed, but look for the Coop to challenge their dual meet numbers from last season. They could challenge for conference honors. They could challenge for a top four spot in what should be a very good section dual meet campaign.  

Five Section Place Winners/Two State Qualifiers
Third Place West Central Conference Tournament: 161 Pt. (12 Placers)
Seventh Place Elk River "Elks" Invite: 92 Pt. (8 Placers) 

Returning Wrestlers:
Luke Glasener                       12th                 26-12
Lazaro Garcia                        10th                 26-15
Bryce Stalboerger                 12th                 24-17               5th Section
Roberta Raya                        12th                 24-13               4th Section
Sam Sjogren                         11th                 15-13               4th Section
Carter Braun                         10th                 11-24
Karter Wensmann                10th                    9-22
Chase Lytle                           10th                    4-22
Moises Ramero                     12th                    2-19 

Jordan Winter                       35-7                 1st Section/AC
Antonio Ortiz                        24-8                 1st Section/AC
Austin Millard                         4-16

Head Coach: Travis Hoffart
Enrollment: 494 Pequot Lakes/190 Pine River-Backus (684)
Conference: Mid-State
Section 8AA 

The Road Crew will have back from their 15-11 dual meet campaign, two section place winners, one All Conference performer and fifteen with varsity experience. Addisoune Harrington 23-16, Jake Poehler 23-16, Connor Tulenchik 23-16, Tim Ryan 16-9 should be their key leaders thru out the season. They did graduate five seniors last spring, including two section place winners. That is a big loss for most programs, but look for the Road Crew to challenge those dual meet numbers from last season, if they stay healthy. They should improve their finish in the conference. They could surprise someone and make a challenge for a top four spot in this section dual meet campaign 

15-11 Overall Duals/1-3 Mid-State Conference
Three Section Place Winners
Seventh Place HOL/MID-STATE Conference: 79 Pt. (8 Placers)
Eighth Place Wadena/Deer Creek "Dennis Kaatz Memorial" Invite: 83 Pt. (6 Placers)
Twenty-Sixth Place Cass Lake "Big Bear" Invite: 54 Pt. (2 Placers) 

Returning Wrestlers:
Addisuone Harrington         12th                 23-16               5th Section
Jake Poehler                        10th                 23-16               5th Section
Connor Tulenchik                   8th                 23-16               Injured
Tim Ryan                              12th                 17-10
Isaac Manthei                      12th                 16-9  
ody France                         12th                 15-16
Riley Wilson                         11th                 12-11
John Urseth                          12th                   9-15
Peter Koering                       12th                   8-13
Myca Reynolds                     10th                   7-16
Josh Pettit                            10th                   6-9
Keenan Dahl                         10th                   4-13
Zachery Tulenchik                11th                   3-10
Evan Koering                        10th                   3-5
Jayden Stevenson                11th                   1-5
Tucker Cain                          12th                   1-1
Harley Large                        11th                   1-1
Chris Schlosser                    11th                   1-0 

Evan Gravdahl                      25-14             6th Section      (90-61 Career)
Spencer Richards                   3-1                 Injured           (81-58 Career)
Chris Foster                            2-2                 injured            (52-40 Career)
Devyn Richards                    20-20               5th Section     (50-50 Career)
Justin Neumann                   14-9                   

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