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Friday, September 30, 2016
Ryder Cup Diary (Friday, September 30, 2016) by Norm Newell

The actual Ryder Cup matches started today and the USA had an unbelievable morning. Not necessarily known for their foursome skills (where each player alternates which hole they tee off and alternate shots on that hole after the tee shot), the USA surprised almost all of the over 45,000 fans at Hazeltine National with a stunning 4-0 sweep of the morning matches. In started out in fog, but ended up being a beautiful sunny Minnesota fall day reaching into the low 70’s.

Two things catch your eye immediately when you step on to the course…it is totally crowded everywhere with people and 95% of them are wearing something red, white and blue. Lots of American flag looks and continuous cheers of “USA, USA, USA”, especially when the Americans would drain a putt to win a hole. There were some European fans there also, dressed in their medium blue with yellow stars. Although both sides would cheer loudly for their teams, I found both sides to be exercising the “Minnesota nice” concept, treating each other with respect. Also saw a few Pebble Lake Golf course regulars from Fergus Falls, including my former neighbor Jim Fish. They too were enjoying the action and the aura at being at the biggest golf event there is.

The first match was the most talked about, figuring to be the most hotly contested by undefeated teams from the prior Ryder Cup, Jordan Spieth and Patrick Reed for the USA and Henrik Stenson and Justin Rose for the Europeans. But the USA team got off to a quick 2- up start, increased to 3-up in the front nine and held on to win 3 and 2 (that means they had won three more holes then the Euro team and with only 2 holes to play, they couldn’t be caught). So that match finished on the 16th hole. My take on that match, Justin Rose just didn’t help much and Stenson got off to a slow start, while Reed and Spieth were spot-on in their first few holes.

Phil Mickelson and Rickie Fowler for the USA had an up and own match, falling behind early, coming back to take the lead going into the 10th, but falling behind again by 2 holes after the 14th. But they went on a run, winning holes 15, 16 and 17 to take a one-up lead, and finished the 18th with a halve to win the match 1-up. They defeated Rory McIlroy and Andy Sullivan. It was Fowler’s first ever winning match in the Ryder Cup.

Jimmy Walker and Zach Johnson trailed by one all the way through the front nine, but caught fire on the back nine winning three straight holes and finished the match against Martin Kaymer and Sergio Garcia 4 and 2. Zach Johnson drained a birdie putt on the 16th hole to seal the victory.

In the final morning match, Dustin Johnson and Matt Kuchar won holes early and often against Lee Westwood and Thomas Pieters to win easily 5 and 4. Westwood did not have a good day and Pieters started slowly in his first ever Ryder Cup match.

The crowd was buzzing throughout the course after the USA’s 4-0 start and expectations were high for the four ball matches in the afternoon. There, every player plays their own ball and the lowest score by any player wins the hole for their team. In that format, a hot player can really carry their team. That’s exactly what happened for the Europeans as they pulled out three of the four afternoon matches.

Henrik Stenson was just too good as he teamed again with Justin Rose, this time to defeat Spieth and Reed 5 and 4. Stenson made birdie after birdie and Spieth and Reed appeared to run out of gas after their emotional morning victory.

Sergio Garcia carried the Euros through the second match as he teamed with countryman Rafa Cabrera-Bello. Garcia chipped in once to win a hole and sank a couple of unlikely long puts for other hole wins to carry the Euros over the USA team of J.B. Holmes and Ryan Moore. Holmes and Moore missed some early putts that could have put them in contention and fell too far behind to catch up, falling 3 and 2.

Brandt Snedeker and Brooks Koepka played for the first time for the USA in the afternoon and both players were hot right from the start. They birdied hole #1 for a win there, and continued to pull away throughout the match for an easy 5 and 4 win over Kaymer and Danny Willett.

In the final match, Rory McIlroy of the Europeans carried the team (he played with Thomas Pieters) throughout, playing great golf with long birdie putts and some mid-iron shots that he dropped a foot or two away from the pin. He was simply to too good for Dustin Johnson and Matt Kuchar, as the Euros won 3 and 2. Johnson put up a number of birdies but would usually be matched by McIlroy. Kuchar didn’t do much in that match, making only one birdie all day.

It was great competitive golf to watch and the weather was wonderful. The only problem with four teams out on the course is they are concentrated around four holes at a time, not spread out over 18 holes, so the crowds are 15 to 20 people deep around every one of the four holes being played at one time. With everyone crowded into that one section of the course the bathrooms and food vendors had unbelievably long lines.

More foursome action coming Saturday morning and four ball action again Saturday afternoon. My son Marc and I accurately predicted Mickelson-Fowler and Zach Jonson-Walker would be back out Saturday morning for the matches. We also thought Snedeker-Koepka earned more playing time and they will be out Saturday AM. Reed and Spieth will be back again in the morning also.

Here are the intriguing match-ups for alternate shot Saturday AM:
Match 1 – Mickelson/Fowler vs. McIlroy/Pieters
Match 2 – Snedeker/Koepka vs. Stenson/Fitzpatrick
Match 3 – Walker/Zach Johnson vs. Rose/Wood
Match 4 – Reed/Spieth vs. Garcia/Cabrera-Bello

Rookie Europeans Matthew Fitzpatrick and Chris Wood did not play Friday, it will be interesting to see how they do in their first even Ryder Cup matches. I predict the Americans win 3 out of the 4 morning matches…let’s see if I’m right. The afternoon pairings aren’t announced until after the morning matches are concluded.

I’m back to work on the afternoon shift Saturday, so won’t get to see the finish of the afternoon matches, but I plan to catch all the morning action.


Posted By Norm Newell
Thursday, September 29, 2016
Ryder Cup Diary (Thursday, September 29, 2016) by Norm Newell

It was another fun and interesting day again today at the Ryder Cup. This Thursday was the last day of practice and also had the opening ceremonies for the matches. It turned into a nice Minnesota fall day, a little cool in the morning but with the sun out it warmed up to 70 degrees. It was a perfect day for playing and watching golf. 

Today was my two shift day, working from 6:45-11am and then again from 3-7pm. But my free time in between turned out well, as I caught the top two European groups of 4 come through hole #7 (considered the signature hole at Hazeltine as the green is surrounded on three sides by the lake). Following that, I saw all three of the USA foursome practice groups come through the #10 green.

Based on my observations of the practice groups over the last three days, and especially today, I accurately predicted all four USA starting groups for Friday, and three out of four of the European groups, missing by only one player. 

The real matches starting Friday morning will be hotly contested as the morning foursome matches were announced at today’s opening ceremonies. Each team captain blindly inserts their player rotation based on the starting tee time, and then the match-ups are compared and announced. Starting Friday morning will be the USA team of Jordan Spieth and Patrick Reed (who were 2-0-1 last time in Ryder Cup) vs. Europe’s Justin Rose (the Olympic gold medalist) and Henrik Stenson (the Olympic silver medalist) who were 3-0-0 at their last Ryder Cup. Promises to be a sizzling opening match. Next comes Phil Mickelson and Rickie Fowler for the USA vs. Rory McIlroy (the recent FedEx champion) and Andy Sullivan. The third match puts Jimmie Walker (the recent PGA champion) and Zach Johnson of the USA against Sergio Garcia and Martin Kaymer (a former world #1 player). The final morning match will be the USA’s Dustin Johnson (the recent US Open champion) and Matt Kuchar (the Olympic bronze medalist) against Lee Westwood and Thomas Pieters. I had Masters champion Danny Willett starting in place of Pieters, so that was the one I had picked wrong. 

A synopsis of interesting things today: 

(1) Just as the first American practice team was coming down the fairway to hole #10, two eagles came out of the treetops and flew over the green. A number of fans noticed them and started chanting “USA” for the eagles. It was reminiscent of jet flyovers at major sporting events, in this case put on by Mother Nature. (In fact, during the national anthem at the opening ceremonies, two fighter jets did fly over Hazeltine as part of the program). 

(2) Going from hole # 7 to the green at #10 I was held up at the crossover point as they stop the fans to let the players through. The European group of Westwood, Willet, Kaymer and Garcia came through. They decided to stop for some autographs and although I didn’t come through there to get autographs, everyone was sticking out something to sign, so I stuck my hat out too. Luckily I got signatures from Willet, Kaymer and Westwood, who were all very gracious and smiling to the fans…a nice sportsman touch by the European team. 

(3) Up against the huge merchandising tent they have put up two 8’ by 12’ boards commemorating legendary American golfer Arnold Palmer who just passed away on Monday. He is by far the most famous golfer in the world and was known not only for his golf, but also for his sportsmanship and along with his wife Winnie, for significant philanthropy for numerous causes. Both of those panels were completely filled with signatures of well wishes by all the golf fans coming through for the Ryder Cup. I admit I signed it also, as I grew up a fan of Arnold Palmer and to this day my favorite drink of choice is a ½ iced tea and ½ lemonade…invented by Arnie and of course called an “Arnold Palmer”. Next time you are in a restaurant, ask for an “Arnold Palmer” in remembrance of one of the greatest golfers of all time. 

(4) I heard the PGA estimated there were 39,000 people at Hazeltine today, up substantially from the prior two practice days. We noted a much larger number of Europeans come in today, making the trip overseas to watch their favorite golfers. Predictions for Friday’s first round of contested matches are for 45,000 or more people to attend. 

I’m off work tomorrow so will go in with son Marc and we’ll catch as much action as we can. Marc will have to check in with the medical tent occasionally to fulfill his “official cardiologist of the Ryder Cup” duties. 

There are four morning contests of two against two “foursome” matches. In “foursomes”, teammates alternate tee shots. Player 'A' tees off on odd-numbered holes, and Player 'B' tees off on even-numbered holes. After the tee shot, teammates alternate shots until completion of the hole. In match play, if both teams have the same hole score, it is “halved” and no one gets an advantage from that hole. If one team has a lower score, they win that hole. The team that wins the most holes out of the 18 played wins the match and a point for their team. If both teams win the same number of holes out of the 18 played, the match is considered “halved” and each team gets ½ point for their team.

The afternoon will have four “four-ball” matches. Those match-ups will be announced shortly after the completion of the morning matches. In four-ball, it is again two against two, but each player plays their own ball for all the holes, and each team takes their lowest score for their two players. If any one player gets a lower score than anyone else, they win that hole for their team.

As one of the players said on the Golf Channel, now it’s “go time”!

Posted By Norm Newell
Thursday, September 29, 2016
Ryder Cup Diary (Wednesday, September 28, 2016) by Norm Newell

Another busy and interesting day at the Ryder Cup on Hazeltine National Golf course! There were more people today than Tuesday, more are expected again Thursday, and then it will be filled to the brim with 45,000 people expected on Friday, the first day of the USA vs. Europe contest. 

I checked in for my work assignment at 6:45 am. Worked at the corporate chalets and met a lot of nice, friendly and excited people. We were overlooking hole #16 and right at the end of my work shift at 11:00 am, two 4-person American player groups came through (Zach Johnson, Brandt Snedeker, Ryan Moore and J.B Holmes in one group and Jordan Spieth, Patrick Reed, Matt Kuchar and Dustin Johnson in the other). With only one change, those same groups played together yesterday, fueling speculation that Ryder Cup captain Davis Love III had already set pairings with these groups for the Friday and Saturday team play.   It was fun to watch Dustin Johnson hit a 300+ yard drive on the long par 5 hole, and of course all the players hit the balls farther and more crisply than all of us weekend warrior golfers. These guys really are good, with a capital G. 

In these practice rounds, the players would take time at each green to try several chip shots from different locations and a number of putts at different targets on the green, based on the expected cup locations for Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Before they went out on the course most players would be at the practice range, and a few of them would be back at the practice green and the chipping area after their practice round on the course. The players spend many hours working on their golf game every day which a lot of fans who watch the TV matches don’t see. When you attend the practice days at the Ryder Cup, you get to see all the preparation. 

Also saw the European team of Rory McIlroy, Chris Wood, Thomas Pieters and Martin Kaymer practice. Noted they hit several approach shots close to the pin in their practice round…they look ready. 

I then caught Captain Love III addressing the junior Ryder Cup players, mostly teenagers, before they put on a few exhibition holes. He was very gracious taking many photos with them and gave them all a wonderful pep talk about their futures. 

Next saw Bubba Watson and I must comment on his willingness to join the American team as a non-playing vice captain. He was just outside the top 8 point getters to be an automatic selectee, and then he wasn’t one of the four captains pick. He could have sulked and whined about not being selected to play, but instead he personally contacted captain Love and said he would do anything to help the American team win and would be happy to be a non-playing vice captain and would fully support the team. It reminded me of my high school coaching days, of those players who didn’t quite make the starting team, but always worked very hard in practice to make the starters better. I was always proud of those kids, and I’m proud of Bubba Watson in joining the Ryder Cup team as a non-player to help make it successful. 

With my son Marc and I both having a shorter workday today, we hooked up to play a quick 9 holes of golf at private club Spring Hill, where Marc is a member. The rumor was out that Michael Jordan (you know, the most famous basketball player ever) was playing there today also. Turns out he was. As we finished our 9 holes, we caught a refreshment at the outside deck, where past Minnesota Viking great John Randle, a member at Spring Hill, was telling jokes with some other patrons. About 15 minutes later, Michael Jordan and his group finished up on 18 and walked by. Marc said he’s a member of numerous golf courses throughout the United States, Spring Hill apparently being one of them. When he’s in Minnesota, which he is to go to the Ryder Cup, he comes to Spring Hill to play. He’s a very avid golfer and rumored to be a 2-handicap. 

So it was an interesting day where I saw a lot of big time golfers, some professional, some not. This is turning out to be quite the experience and I can’t wait to see what comes up tomorrow!


Posted By Norm Newell
Tuesday, September 27, 2016
Ryder Cup Diary (Tuesday, September 27, 2016) by Norm Newell

First official day of the Ryder Cup and Hazeltine National Golf course was already rocking… with fans, celebrities and of course, the best professional golf players in the world.

I had anticipated this day for almost a year when I found out via email I was one of the 4,000 (out of over 16,000 that applied) lucky selectees to be a volunteer at the Ryder Cup. In exchange for daily four-hour shifts of working, you get free parking, a free badge-pass into every day, whether you are working or not and some cool Ryder Cup clothing…but most importantly some lifetime memories. Then a month or so ago, I found out from my son Marc, who is the real golf enthusiast, that he was selected to be on the medical team as the official cardiologist for the Ryder Cup. He was thrilled and so was I. This is a once in a lifetime event for Minnesota and is a real bucket list item for me.

We were both familiar with the Hazeltine course as we had both worked as course marshals for the 2009 PGA that was held there. But in terms of the number of fans, the number of corporate hospitality chalets (twice as many as the PGA tournament) and all the other things that go with the Ryder Cup, this event is far larger than any other professional golf event ever held in Minnesota. When it’s one team (USA) versus another (Europe) there is so much more buzz and excitement around the event. Now you are cheering for 12 of your team’s favorities, not just one favorite player. You could feel and hear the buzz from the fans already on this Tuesday, as this is just the first practice day, the main event doesn’t start until Friday.

Both the USA team members and the European team members practiced today. I had a good vantage point near the #2 tee box, which is very close to the #17 green and the #8 green and the #9 tee box. From there I saw the USA foursome of Phil Mickelson, Jimmy Walker (the PGA tournament champion this year), Ricky Fowler and Zach Johnson finish on the #8 green and tee off on the 9th green. The Europeans practiced on the back nine and I saw all 12 of their team members, four at a time, come through the 17th green, which is a tough par three with a small lake right in front of the green. In one of the groups I saw was Rory McIlroy, who just won $11.5 million dollars for winning the Tour Championship and the FedEx Cup bonus prize last weekend. Also in another group was Justin Rose who was the Olympic gold medalist and Henrik Stenson, the Olympic silver medalist (Matt Kuchar of the USA team was the bronze medalist).

Speaking of Olympic medalists, today was celebrity golf day and teeing off on hole #2 right where I was standing was Michael Phelps, who has a record 28 Olympic medals. Other celebrities who I saw up close and personal at the #2 tee box were Martina Navratilova, considered the top female tennis player of her time, actor Kurt Russell, well known for his portrayal of Herb Brooks in the movie “Miracle on Ice”. Probably most notable to all was funny man Bill Murray, always a cut-up and fan favorite, but also a real golf aficionado who has an excellent golf swing.

I watched some other USA team members on the practice green and practicing bunker shots, and saw vice captain Tiger Woods and Minnesota boy Vice Captain Tom Lehman with some of the players.

Although a somewhat cool and windy day, all in all it was exciting and a great way to kick off Ryder Cup week. Weather is predicted to be better yet for Wednesday, where there will be more practicing by the team members and the junior Ryder Cup teams are expected to play. I work the morning shift at a group of corporate chalets that overlook the 16th and 17th holes, so it should be more fun!


Posted By Norm Newell
Monday, September 26, 2016
Rasmusson Earns Summit League Award

NDSU junior setter/outside hitter Brianna Rasmusson has been named the Summit League Volleyball Offensive Player of the Week for her performance September 19-25.

Rasmusson collected her first career Offensive Player of the Week award after leading the Bison to a pair of conference victories at home, beating Oral Roberts 3-1 on Friday night and sweeping past IUPUI in three set on Saturday night.

Brianna recorded two 40-plus assist matches during the opening week of conference play, including a career-high 54 assists in her fourth double-double (54 assists, 18 digs) of the season in the four-set win over Oral Roberts. For the week, she averaged 13.57 assists per set.

Rasmusson is a 2014 graduate of Fergus Falls High School.

Posted By Craig Olson
Thursday, September 22, 2016
WFS (NFL Week 3)

WFS – NFL Week 3
Thursday is my favorite day of the week and football season just adds to the list of reasons why. Once basketball season kicks off I don’t really know why Friday’s are considered a work day, but I don’t make the rules so I just set multiple alarms instead. NDSU football, Vikings football, and Turnover stats lead the way as we strategerize another week.

Deja vu anyone? Another NDSU year and another NDSU win versus an FBS school looking for an easy win. We all know how this story has ended the last 5 years; this will be fun to watch. Great segue to our first NFL headline from Week 2.

Week 2 Review
1. NDSU alum Carson Wentz, the number two overall draft pick, is the first rookie QB in NFL history to start and win his team's first two games of the season with no turnovers. Let that sink in for a moment – yep I’m impressed. Meanwhile, number one overall pick Jared Goff actually got to wear his jersey on the sidelines last game instead of street clothes… baby steps Jared.

2. I stand firm in my Week 1 assessment of both Aaron Rodgers and the Viking defense, but something had to give when the two collided Sunday. Defense won the day by forcing timely turnovers that sealed our narrow victory. Oh yeah, Stefon Diggs and Sam Bradford were there too, I’ll get to them later. The Week 16 rematch at Green Bay should be another classic battle with playoff implications looming. Get well soon AP!

3. Kelvin Benjamin and Von Miller are really good. Von was up to his old tricks again and Kelvin is just getting started on his comeback player of the year tour. And I’m still waiting on Todd Gurley to prove me right; hopefully I don’t have to wait much longer.

4. Saints and Giants combined to score one offensive TD! After a record setting 13 last year? Giants’ defense might be really good and weather conditions are obviously a major factor in the NFL.

Week 3 Schedule
This week I am listing all skill position players from each game that average 10 or more fantasy points per game based on a scoring format in which one reception equals one point; also known as Point Per Reception (PPR). QB’s need to be above 15 average points per game to make the list.

Houston Texans @ New England Patriots <> Thursday 7:25pm
I learned last week not to underestimate Bill Belichick, but he only had 4 days to prepare 3rd string QB Jacoby Brisset for JJ Watt and the stingy Texans defense. I expect this game to be low-scoring, but I expected that last Thursday night too. This would be a good time for the best TE in football, Rob Gronkowski, to play his first game of the season. Use him if he plays, along with these other fantasy options.

WR DeAndre Hopkins 21.85
WR Will Fuller 21.05
RB LeGarrette Blount 16.65
RB Lamar Miller 15.2
WR Julian Edelman 14.9
TE Martellus Bennett 14.9
WR Danny Amendola 13.9
WR Chris Hogan 12.45
DST Texans 11

Minnesota Vikings @ Carolina Panthers <> Sunday 12:00pm
I’m diggin’ Diggs!! Sorry I had to. A tough game here as our team goes on the road to play the defending NFC Champions who are loaded with talent on both sides of the ball. This game will hinge on the Offensive-line for the Vikings. The most impressive part of Sam Bradford’s first game was how he stood in a collapsing pocket, took multiple hits, and got right back up to do it again. If we want him to stay healthy we must protect him better or it will be a short honey-moon and a wasted trade. If we get down early it will be a tall task to comeback, but this defense has proven that it can score for us so hopefully we can force a few more mistakes this week and get a tough road win.

QB Cam Newton 28.49
WR Stefon Diggs 28.2
WR Kelvin Benjamin 26.95
TE Greg Olsen 20.25
QB Sam Bradford 19.14
DST Vikings 16.5
TE Kyle Rudolph 11.3
DST Panthers 11
RB Fozzy Whittaker 10.4

Washington @ New York Giants <> Sunday 12:00pm
Kirk Cousins gambled on himself this off-season by not negotiating a long-term contract, and now he faces the most pressure of his career after starting 0-2 in two home games. I don’t like his chances on the road against a Giants team that has built some early momentum. Feels like a FFF alert here, but I have cold feet after the dud last week.

QB Kirk Cousins 18.76
WR Sterling Shepard 18
QB Eli Manning 17.8
WR Odell Beckham Jr. 13.95
WR Jamison Crowder 13.85
WR DeSean Jackson 13.1
WR Victor Cruz 12.75
TE Jordan Reed 12.7
RB Chris Thompson 10.35

Denver Broncos @ Cincinnati Bengals <> Sunday 12:00pm
2-0 defending Superbowl champs have to take their show on the road for the first time and as always their defense needs play well to win. If the Bengals can’t establish an early lead and have to abandon the run game they will be in trouble trying to throw against this defense.

RB C.J. Anderson 24.1
WR A.J. Green 22.4
QB Andy Dalton 21.84
RB Giovani Bernard 16.85
DST Broncos 14
WR Demaryius Thomas 12.4
WR Brandon LaFell 10

Cleveland Browns @ Miami Dolphins <> Sunday 12:00pm
Two irrelevant 0-2 teams so the only thing to do here is talk fantasy. Sadly Arian Foster lasted less than two full games before getting injured. Tread carefully with the Dolphin RB situation and just focus on their pass catchers.

QB Ryan Tannehill 21.6
WR DeVante Parker 21.6
RB Isaiah Crowell 20.3
WR Corey Coleman 19.65
WR Jarvis Landry 19.3
QB Josh McCown 16.4

Baltimore Ravens @ Jacksonville Jaguars <> Sunday 12:00pm
Ravens are quietly 2-0 and have finally put the right players around Joe Flacco to maximize his strengths as an accurate down-field throwing QB. I like the Jaguars talent as a whole, but it takes more than talent to form a winning team. Still time to pull it together, but they need to win this game if it is going to happen this year.

QB Blake Bortles 21.78
WR Mike Wallace 19.65
QB Joe Flacco 17.1
TE Dennis Pitta 14.55
RB T.J. Yeldon 14.35
TE Julius Thomas 14.25
WR Allen Hurns 11.45
WR Allen Robinson 10.8

Arizona Cardinals @ Buffalo Bills <> Sunday 12:00pm
Statement win by the Cardinals in Week 2. I expect them to bond together as an even stronger unit on their first road trip and flex their muscle versus a faltering Bills team that is at the bottom looking up.

WR Larry Fitzgerald 24.1
QB Carson Palmer 23.13
RB David Johnson 20.25
QB Tyrod Taylor 15.46
RB LeSean McCoy 15
DST Cardinals 14.5
WR Marquise Goodwin 11.1

Oakland Raiders @ Tennessee Titans <> Sunday 12:00pm
Both teams need a win to stay on pace with the top teams in their division. I like the future of both teams, but this is a situation where their division opponents are just better. Will be a fun game for me as I like the young talent for both sides. This game could turn into a fast-paced shoot-out if the Titans fall behind early.

QB Derek Carr 25.16
RB DeMarco Murray 22.6
WR Amari Cooper 18.4
QB Marcus Mariota 18.18
RB Latavius Murray 18.15
WR Michael Crabtree 15.4
TE Delanie Walker 13.75
TE Clive Walford 11.25
WR Tajae Sharpe 10.95
RB Jalen Richard 10.6

Detroit Lions @ Green Bay Packers <> Sunday 12:00pm
Let me throw this theory at you: If the Vikings and Packers are really good, then by affiliation alone the Titans and Lions might not be that far behind based on the combination of games played in the first two weeks. Only time will tell. Anyways, FFF alert here!

QB Matthew Stafford 22.8
QB Aaron Rodgers 21.49
RB Theo Riddick 19.15
WR Marvin Jones Jr. 17.65
WR Jordy Nelson 16.75
TE Eric Ebron 12.45
WR Randall Cobb 11.05
WR Anquan Boldin 10.65

San Francisco 49ers @ Seattle Seahawks <> Sunday 3:05pm
Tyler Lockett and Russell Wilson didn’t make the list, but they are interesting plays because the 49ers lead the NFL in plays per game and consequently opponent plays per game. I still don’t trust the Seattle RB situation.

QB Blaine Gabbert 18.61
RB Carlos Hyde 15.25
WR Doug Baldwin 14.6
TE Vance McDonald 11.95
DST 49ers 11.5

Los Angeles Rams @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers <> Sunday 3:05pm
As you can tell by the short list there aren’t many fantasy options here. RB Charles Sims will see an increase in usage as Doug Martin is out due to injury. Let’s go Todd Gurley you need to show up!

WR Mike Evans 19.95
QB Jameis Winston 18.08
WR Kenny Britt 13.05

New York Jets @ Kansas City Chiefs <> Sunday 3:25pm
Important game for the playoffs as both teams are in a situation where they would be good enough to win other divisions, but are behind in the standings to teams in their own division. Another great game on hand here and that home-field advantage should play a big role for the Chiefs.

RB Matt Forte 27.2
RB Spencer Ware 23.7
QB Ryan Fitzpatrick 20.06
WR Eric Decker 19.65
QB Alex Smith 18.83
WR Quincy Enunwa 16.8
WR Jeremy Maclin 15
WR Brandon Marshall 12.65
TE Travis Kelce 10.9

San Diego Chargers @ Indianapolis Colts <> Sunday 3:25pm
Two teams that rely on the passing game to win games should provide a high scoring total. Make sure to monitor injuries and how they affect the usage of players moving up on the depth chart in this game. FFF alert is in full effect.

QB Andrew Luck 25.29
WR Travis Benjamin 21.3
RB Melvin Gordon 20.85
QB Philip Rivers 19.71
RB Frank Gore 13.55
TE Jack Doyle 13.1
WR Tyrell Williams 12.1
WR T.Y. Hilton 11
TE Dwayne Allen 10.9

Pittsburgh Steelers @ Philadelphia Eagles <> Sunday 3:25pm
Easily the toughest competition so far for the Eagles and their young QB. If Wentz can keep his no turnover streak going, I think he extends the record that he already set. This is one I will be watching closely.

QB Ben Roethlisberger 23.78
WR Antonio Brown 21.75
WR Jordan Matthews 20.25
QB Carson Wentz 15.91
TE Trey Burton 15.9
RB Ryan Mathews 15.1
WR Nelson Agholor 11.95
TE Zach Ertz 11.8
DST Eagles 10.5
TE Jesse James 10

Chicago Bears @ Dallas Cowboys <> Sunday 7:30pm
The Bears look awful again this year, and if they don’t show signs of life in their second primetime game in a row I will be ready to pull the plug. Dak Prescot just missed the list here, but I like him this week to play well in the real football game as well as the fantasy game.

WR Alshon Jeffery 16.05
WR Eddie Royal 15.45
RB Ezekiel Elliott 13.95
WR Cole Beasley 13.5
RB Jeremy Langford 11.85
TE Jason Witten 11.85
WR Dez Bryant 11

Atlanta Falcons @ New Orleans Saints <> Monday 7:30pm
Sound the alarm twice here. Both teams are inferior to the Panthers and shouldn’t factor into the playoff race, but that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy really good offensive players running circles around sub-par defensive players.

QB Matt Ryan 29.6
WR Willie Snead 25.8
WR Brandin Cooks 25.1
QB Drew Brees 24.97
WR Julio Jones 20.6
RB Tevin Coleman 15.9
TE Jacob Tamme 14.8
WR Mohamed Sanu 12.95
WR Michael Thomas 10.7

I mentioned a few specific injury situations this week, but as I mentioned in my Week 2 column you need to always be aware of the Active and In-Active players each week. Good luck again this week. [email protected]

Posted By Shawn Sorenson
Wednesday, September 21, 2016
Three Spartans Earn MCAC Southern Division Honors

Three Spartan student-athletes have earned Athlete of the Week Status in the MCAC Southern Division for the week ending September 18.

6’0” sophomore Kayla Pring earned Hitter of the Week honors in volleyball. Pring led the Spartans to a 3-0 week with 41 kills and a .333 attack percentage. She added 4 blocks, 6 aces and 16 digs during the week.

5’7” sophomore Mariah Hansen won her second consecutive All-Around Player of the Week honors with 33 assists, 18 kills, 18 digs, 5 aces and 4 blocks in the three division match victories.  The lady Spartans are 11-3 overall.

Freshman Jared Olsgaard of the Spartan football team was named MCAC Southern Division Offensive Player of the Week. Jared had another outstanding week as he completed 25-of-39 passes for 313 yards and one touchdown, without suffering an interception. In addition, Olsgaard rushed eleven times for another 62 yards and a pair of TD’s.  The Spartans earned their first win of the season, beating Dakota College of Bottineau, ND 38-35.

Posted By Craig Olson
Saturday, September 17, 2016
WFS Week 2

Football Week 2 is already in full swing?! With High School, College, and NFL games spread out from Thursday through Monday it can be hard to keep up at times, but I’m ready for more WFS!

In order to improve one must review and analyze past performance. With that in mind, I will apply what I saw from NFL Week 1 games to my Week 1 article so we can look ahead to the Week 2 schedule. Here is the Week 1 link for reference.

First, I need to highlight an essential truth. Injuries are a harsh reality of sports; especially football, and there is no doubt they change the long-term outcome of each season. As we progress through each NFL week it is important to monitor injury reports. Here is a link to the best site that I use.


The two highest profile injuries Week 1 were [SDC~WR]Keenan Allen and [CLE~QB]Robert Girffin III. Both are extremely talented, have a history with injury, and will miss the rest of this season, again :(

**Player team~position format and abbreviations are explained at the bottom of this page**

WFS Review Week 1
--Definitely hit the mark with [MIN~D/ST] and [PHI~QB]Carson Wentz so far! Both have more difficult tasks this week; more on that later. [CLE] looked terrible which is nothing new.
--Don’t underestimate [NEP~Coach]Bill Belichick; especially when he has the entire Pre-Season to prepare for an opponent. [ARI~RB]David Johnson still looked great regardless of his team’s loss.
--Instead of building an early lead, [KCC] used that great home-field advantage to stage the greatest comeback in franchise history. Poor [SDC], they were on a roll until the injury to their best [WR].
--[SEA] blow-out win Yeah not so much. [MIA] missed a big chance to build momentum with a new coach. [SEA~QB]Russell Wilson sprained his ankle and has his work cut out for him this week if he isn’t 100%.
--[LAR~RB]Todd Gurley highlights?? Oops. Don’t overreact here; [MIN~RB]Adrian Peterson also struggled in this same Week 1 late kickoff game last year and finished 1st in NFL rushing yards.
--FFF Alerts! Sounded the figurative alarm 3 times last week and if you had players in your lineup from these games you likely scored well. Was fun to see [DET~RB]Theo Riddick take advantage of his opportunity.
--Did [GBP~QB]Aaron Rodgers and [PIT~WR]Antonio Brown read what I wrote last week? Doubtful, but their Week 1 performances sure looked like they wanted to justify my lofty praise. Thanks fellas!

Final Score: [NYJ] 37 @ [BUF] 31 <> Thursday 7:25pm
Wow this was an unexpected high-scoring game. [NYJ~RB]Matt Forte is up to his old tricks again. Really like [NYJ] this year and hopefully [BUF] can figure it out because the AFC East is usually easy money for the [NEP].

[KCC] @ [HOU] <> Sunday 12:00pm
Revenge game for [HOU] as they were embarrassed by [KCC] in their playoff match-up last year. 28 rush attempts for [HOU~RB]Lamar Miller led the NFL Week 1 and shows me that they want to wear teams down. Also, watch out for rookie [HOU~WR]Will Fuller. [KCC~RB]Spencer Ware should thrive once again. Expecting a great game with a playoff like atmosphere!

[SFF] @ [CAR] <> Sunday 12:00pm
One of my favorite players in 2014 was [CAR~WR]Kelvin Benjamin. He missed all of the 2015 season, but he’s back healthy again and was targeted 12 times Week 1. Watch for him to have a big day and for [CAR] to win big.

[MIA] @ [NEP] <> Sunday 12:00pm
Again, would like to see some competition for the Patriots here as they have won 12 of the last 13 division titles. The one outlier was when [QB]Tom Brady suffered a season ending injury in the first game, and they still managed to finish 11-5 just barely missing the playoffs. They are obviously great, but the other 3 organizations have been inept over the years. If backup [QB]Jimmy Garoppolo can have a repeat effort, they should start 2-0 and halfway to getting Brady back who will be in full revenge mode Yikes!

[TEN] @ [DET] <> Sunday 12:00pm
My first sleeper FFF Alert! Lions aren’t strong defensively but I think they win a high-scoring game at home. I’ll be rooting for [TEN~QB]Marcus Mariota to have a big bounce back game. Just listing the options below:
[TEN] > Tajae Sharpe (11 targets); Delanie Walker; DeMarco Murry(2 TD receptions); Rishard Matthews;
[DET] > Golden Tate; Marvin Jones Jr.; Theo Riddick; Eric Ebron;

[CIN] @ [PIT] <> Sunday 12:00pm
AFC North looks to have three good teams again, and there is plenty at stake in this game. Elite showdown between [PIT~WR]Antonio Brown and [CIN~WR]A.J. Green. Hopefully we see some fireworks, but division games like this often slow down with clock management and time of possession taking precedence to secure the game. Liked what I saw from young [PIT~TE]Jesse James who played every offensive snap Week 1. Keep an eye on him going forward.

[NOS] @ [NYG] <> Sunday 12:00pm
FFF Alert!! Last year this game was played at the Dome in [NOS] and a record setting 13 touchdowns were thrown. Don’t expect the same thing outdoors this year, but still plenty of passing offense from both sides. Just listing the options again:
[NOS] > Willie Snead; Brandin Cooks; Mark Ingram; Michael Thomas; Coby Fleener;
[NYG] > Odell Beckham Jr.; Sterling Shepard; Victor Cruz; Larry Donnell; Rashad Jennings;

[BAL] @ [CLE] <> Sunday 12:00pm
Yuck. [BAL~WR]Steve Smith led the team in targets with 9, but I still don’t have a clue who will catch the ball consistently for the Ravens as they had 10 different players record a reception last week. Backup [CLE~QB]Josh McCown will start this week and he had great chemistry with [CLE~TE]Gary Barnidge last year. Barnidge didn’t have any receptions Week 1 even though he played every offensive snap so I think he will get his stats this week.

[DAL] @ [WAS] <> Sunday 12:00pm
Heartbreaking loss for the Cowboys and they are at risk of starting the season and division schedule 0-2. Embarrassing loss for [WAS] and it would not be easy to overcome two home losses to start the year. I guess somebody has to win, home team gets the edge and they will throw the ball often again this week.

[TBB] @ [ARI] <> Sunday 3:05pm
[TBB~QB]Jameis Winston was awesome with 4 TD passes and the 3rd highest rating of the week at 125.1! [ARI] will be looking to recover after a tough loss, and [ARI~WR]Larry Fitzgerald proved once again that he is an all-time great. I expect him to have his team motivated and poised for victory.

[SEA] @ [LAR] <> Sunday 3:05pm
First game at the LA Coliseum since 1994. This game features two talented defenses, but only one played well Week 1. Not much hope if the Rams start the season and division schedule 0-2 so I expect them to play with desperation at home. [SEA] is the better team but they lost both games last year versus the Rams. Like last week, I’m just hoping [LAR~RB]Todd Gurley has a monster game with multiple highlights.

[ATL] @ [OAK] <> Sunday 3:25pm
FFF Alert once more! Another game with very little defense. Listing the options below and moving on:
[ATL] > Julio Jones, Mohamed Sanu, Jacob Tamme each had 8 targets; Brandon LaFell; Davonta Freeman; Tevin Coleman;
[OAK] > Amari Cooper; Michael Crabtree; Latavius Murray; Clive Walford;

[JAC] @ [SDC] <> Sunday 3:25pm
FFF Alert again!! [JAC~WR]Allen Robinson led all players in targets Week 1 with 16 including 7 in a row in the 4th quarter during their valiant comeback attempt! I think you will see a ton of passing attempts in this one and unknown [SDC~WR]Tyrell Williams could be in for a big day as he impressed after the injury to Keenan Allen. Reliable [SDC~TE]Antonio Gates is a player to watch also.

[IND] @ [DEN] <> Sunday 3:25pm
Another one of my favorite players is Super Bowl 50 MVP [DEN~LB]Von Miller, who has the [DEN~D/ST] primed to start 2-0! No time-share this year as [DEN~RB]C.J. Anderson is getting all he work he can handle. [IND~QB]Andrew Luck will need a Herculean performance to win this game and like always he will spread the wealth.

[GBP] @ [MIN] <> Sunday 7:30pm
Here we SKOL! First ever regular season game at US Bank Stadium with the Sunday primetime game shining all of the lights on our great state. [GBP~D/ST] has been dismal against the run the last two years so hopefully [MIN~RB]Adrian Peterson makes up for his poor Week 1 performance in a big way to take some pressure off our new starting [QB]Sam Bradford. If not, [WR]Stefon Diggs can go ahead and show the world what we have seen all last year and again last week. The [MIN~D/ST] gave up easy, early completions Week 1 before they made up for it by forcing two turnovers for TDs. They could be in for a long night if they don’t improve that aspect of their defense. I am too invested to provide any other logical, unbiased analysis here so let’s all sit back and enjoy this great Viking’s franchise moment!

[PHI] @ [CHI] <> Monday 7:30pm
What a debut for [PHI~QB]Carson Wentz with 37 passing attempts including two TD passes and a rating of 101 that was good for 11th overall. The Bears struggled stopping the run so expect more work for [PHI~RB]Ryan Mathews, who led Week 1 with 8 Red Zone rushing attempts. His backup [RB]Darren Sproles is no stranger to the spotlight, and he always raises his game in this situation. With all that in play, it is never easy winning a road game in the NFL, and the [CHI] fans will be ready and waiting to try and rattle Wentz and his team with everyone watching on MNF! Also, [CHI~RB]Jeremy Langford got plenty of work and that should continue all year.

So much for a short, concise Week 2 article :/ Still exploring options to clean this up, and hoping to eventually post this each week before the Thursday night game starts, as long as that job thingy doesn’t get in the way. Thanks for reading!

**Player references will be made in this format -- [TeamAbbreviation~PositionAbbreviation]Player Name**

List of NFL Position Abbreviations
[QB] = Quarterback
[RB] = Running Back
[WR] = Wide Receiver
[TE] = Tight End
[OL] = Offensive Lineman
[D/ST] = Defense/Special Teams
[IDP] = Individual Defensive Player
[DL] = Defensive Lineman
[LB] = Linebacker
[DB] = Defensive Back

List of NFL Team Abbreviations
[ARI] = Arizona Cardinals
[ATL] = Atlanta Falcons
[BAL] = Baltimore Ravens
[BUF] = Buffalo Bills
[CAR] = Carolina Panthers
[CHI] = Chicago Bears
[CIN] = Cincinnati Bengals
[CLE] = Cleveland Browns
[DAL] = Dallas Cowboys
[DEN] = Denver Broncos
[DET] = Detroit Lions
[GBP] = Green Bay Packers
[HOU] = Houston Texans
[IND] = Indianapolis Colts
[JAC] = Jacksonville Jaguars
[KCC] = Kansas City Chiefs
[LAR] = Los Angeles Rams
[MIA] = Miami Dolphins
[MIN] = Minnesota Vikings
[NEP] = New England Patriots
[NOS] = New Orleans Saints
[NYJ] = New York Jets
[NYG] = New York Giants
[OAK] = Oakland Raiders
[PHI] = Philadelphia Eagles
[PIT] = Pittsburgh Steelers
[SDC] = San Diego Chargers
[SFF] = San Francisco 49ers
[SEA] = Seattle Seahawks
[TBB] = Tampa Bay Buccaneers
[TEN] = Tennessee Titans
[WAS] = Washington Redskins

Posted By Shawn Sorenson
Wednesday, September 14, 2016
FF Youth Hockey Kick Off Event Scheduled for September 19 and 20

The Fergus Falls Youth Hockey Association will be holding their Kick Off night on Monday, September 19 and Tuesday, September 20 at the Community Arena. This event is designed for people who have already registered their kids for hockey to pick up equipment, fundraising tickets and flyers, along with any additional information they need for the upcoming season. Registration help will be available, but all registration is being done online this year. Just go to http://fergusfallshockey.pucksystems.com/

Posted By Craig Olson
Sunday, September 11, 2016
Weekly Football Strategery (WFS)

Weekly Football Strategery (WFS) – Written by: Shawn Sorenson

That's not a spelling error in the title. If you don't recognize the term, just click on the link below. (All credit to Will Ferrell and his portrayal of George W.)


It's a simple comedic twist of the original word, and I’ll use it as a reminder to have fun while writing weekly NFL match-up analysis combined with Fantasy Football projections. I will mention the obvious with some added insight on the team and player aspects I look for each week.

Week 1 is here! All Kickoff times listed in Central time. Let’s get started with the game we all want to see.

MIN - Vikings @ TEN - Titans <> Sunday 12:00pm Kickoff
First I want to state the obvious; I miss Teddy and will be praying for him to make a full recovery! Here’s hoping he will lead us to a home game in the 2018 Super Bowl!!

Now for the game itself, MIN [RB]Adrian Peterson. Need I say more? I’ll keep going anyway. TEN [TE]Delanie Walker is a top five player at his position, so look for him to be a safety net for his dual-threat [QB]Marcus Mariota. With uncertain MIN [QB] play and uncertain TEN [WR] options, I expect both teams to rely heavily on the run game along with solid defense to help them try and secure a win. I am predicting this years MIN Defense top three overall, thus leading us to a low-scoring 1-0 start to the season!

CLE - Browns @ PHI - Eagles <> Sunday 12:00pm Kickoff
Welcome to the NFL [QB]Carson Wentz! The Vikings trade cleared the way for him to start with only one pre-season game of experience; however, he draws a favorable match-up at home against a team that over the years has been notorious for poor organizational management and losing. PHI [TE]Zach Ertz is a big reliable target and [WR]Jordan Matthews is capable of getting open early in Wentz’s drop backs or late in the play anytime Wentz scrambles. Eagles will likely utilize safe play-calling, clock management, strong defense, and a great home crowd to get the win. That game flow will lead to one rushing TD and one passing TD for the rookie QB! They won't all be this easy.

TBB - Buccaneers @ ATL - Falcons <> Sunday 12:00pm Kickoff
This divisional game featuring two mediocre defenses inside a cozy dome will allow ATL [WR]Julio Jones and TBB [WR]Mike Evans to see high volume targets. I’m not a fan of either [RB] in this game until I see game film and snap count stats, but the potential is there. Don’t care who wins, just want to see the [QB]’s take some shots downfield so we can have explosive TD highlights. Let’s keep it moving.

CIN - Bengals @ NYJ - Jets <> Sunday 12:00pm Kickoff
Two double-digit win teams from 2015 that look very similar in 2016. Both will play solid defense leading to a competitive game worth watching. Three pass catching options in this game are CIN [WR]A.J. Green, NYJ [WR] Brandon Marshall, and MN’s own NYJ [WR]Eric Decker. Maybe the Vikings will be winning big so I can watch this one.

OAK - Raiders @ NOS - Saints <> Sunday 12:00pm Kickoff
If you are a fantasy football fan (FFF), be on alert here as the total game score should be well over 50. Saints [QB]Dree Brees is always dangerous at home, but he will spread the wealth to any target that can get open. The main option is speedster [WR]Brandin Cooks who can be hit or miss. The OAK [D/ST] has a great pass rush led by Khalil Mack so expect him to be unleashed on the pass happy Saints. OAK [WR]Amari Cooper is one of my favorite young players paired with promising young OAK [QB]Derek Carr should progress to an elite connection over the season and this is a good game to get them started. Hopefully they are awake enough as they will be traveling East and an early kickoff will make it feel like 10:00am for them.

SDC - Chargers @ KCC - Chiefs <> Sunday 12:00pm Kickoff
The Chiefs have one of the best home field advantages combined with a great defense[D/ST]. They will run a conservative offensive game-plan so don’t get too excited here, but it should be mistake free to help them sustain a lead. That means Chargers [QB]Phillip Rivers will be throwing often in the second half, mostly to [WR]Keenan Allen and [TE]Antonio Gates. Next!

BUF - Bills @ BAL - Ravens <> Sunday 12:00pm Kickoff
Two players I really like are BUF [WR]Sammy Watkins who I’ve followed since his freshman year at Clemson and his teammate, [RB]LeSean McCoy. McCoy is the more consistent option and is in for a large workload this week. If their dual-threat [QB]Tyrod Taylor plays well look for the Bills to control the game. Ravens [QB]Joe Flacco is also healthy again and his passing attempts should be way up there, I just have no clue who he will throw to.

CHI - Bears @ HOU - Texans <> Sunday 12:00pm Kickoff
Another Clemson product is a big time target for HOU in [WR]DeAndre Hopkins. The Bears are injured on defense, especially in the secondary where Hopkins looks to have a big day. I don’t think the Bears will put up much of a fight in this one, but CHI [WR]Alshon Jeffrey always has a chance to get big stats. CHI [TE]Zach Miller should get in the mix for targets as well.

GBP - Packers @ JAC - Jaguars <> Sunday 12:00pm Kickoff
In my opinion, Packers [QB]Aaron Rodgers is the best player in the NFL. Wait, where are you going? Please keep reading!?! I’m still a Vikings fan I promise! Anyways, for those of you still here I think this game will be fast-paced with the Packers scoring early and often which means JAC [QB]Blake Bortles will be asked to throw his team back in the game. Look for [WR]Allen Robinson to get the most benefit here. Hopefully they can spark an epic comeback! Another FFF alert with this game score total. SKOL Vikings!

MIA - Dolphins @ SEA - Seahawks <> Sunday 3:05pm Kickoff
SEA [QB]Russell Wilson should assert himself in this game as his dual-threat skills will be even more important due to the Seahawks lack of Offensive-Line depth and inexperienced [RB] depth. Injuries for MIA will provide [RB]Arian Foster multiple touches and [WR]Jarvis Landry multiple targets. Even though they face an elite SEA [D/ST] and will likely fall behind early, garbage time stats are always in play and MIA [WR]Kenny Stills could also benefit because of the injuries at his position. Probably a typical 12th man Seahawk crowd and huge blowout.

NYG - Giants @ DAL - Cowboys <> Sunday 3:25pm Kickoff
Big-time divisional rivalry game here full of tradition! Cowboy rookies [QB]Dak Prescott and [RB]Zek Elliot will both start and be asked to carry a large part of the offense. Thankfully they will be doing so behind the best O-Line in football and the run game will be the focus. That said, big target DAL [WR]Dez Bryant is healthy and can really go up and get it. Dak, Zek, and Dez; seems like a great nickname could develop here. More on that next week maybe. Meanwhile, GIA [WR]Odell Beckham Jr. is [QB]Eli Manning’s favorite target and he will be open in this game because the DAL secondary is sub-par. Looking forward to this one as well.

DET - Lions @ IND - Colts <> Sunday 3:25pm Kickoff
Not much Defense in this game so sound the alarm…FFF alert! Another example of spreading the wealth, IND [QB]Andrew Luck will throw to any open target. Hard to pinpoint but both [WR]T.Y. Hilton and [WR]Donte Moncreif will need to get open quickly because Luck’s O-Line will struggle to protect him. His [TE]Dwayne Allen should be on the field all game to both block and snag a few passes. Lions [QB]Matthew Stafford is familiar with high pass attempt totals, and newly acquired [WR]Marvin Jones Jr. and returning [WR]Golden Tate will need to fill the large void that was Calvin Johnson. [RB]Theo Riddick had 80 receptions last year and could see an increased role this year.

NEP - Patriots @ ARI - Cardinals <> Sunday 7:30pm Kickoff
Neither Patriots [TE]Rob Gronkowski nor [QB]Tom Brady will play in this game. Backup [TE]Martellus Bennett and always consistent short yardage [WR]Julian Edelman should see lots of extra targets. ARI [RB]David Johnson will be in for an added workload thanks to the support of a great defense[D/ST] and his team holding a lead throughout.

PIT - Steelers @ WAS - Redskins <> Monday 6:10pm Kickoff
PIT [WR]Antonio Brown is the most polished and precise player at his position. His [QB]Ben Roethlisberger will rely on Brown because his other options are limited, but they will give [RB]DeAngelo Williams his chances as well. They will face the WAS high-volume passing offense led by [QB]Kirk Cousins. You may not know it yet, but “YOU LIKE THAT!” {https://vine.co/v/eYBbTpLquPd} His primary targets are [TE]Jordan Reed and [WR] DeSean Jackson with Reed being the consistent option and Jackson being the speedy big-play option that can get behind any defense. This should be fun to watch.

LAR - Rams @ SF4 - 49ers <> Monday 9:20pm Kickoff
Good timing for this game because it is a snoozer. It does feature another one of my favorite players in Rams [RB]Todd Gurley who I followed in college at Georgia. The momentum he had at the end of last year should carry over to this season along with a high usage rate. He should get 25+ touches and have a big night. You can go to bed early and watch his highlights in the morning.

Good luck with your Fantasy teams and thanks for reading! Please feel free to send any feedback you may have to my email address [email protected] After finishing and being my own critic, it ended up being longer than I expected. I should be able to be more concise as each week passes. Always room for improvement.

Posted By Shawn Sorenson
Wednesday, September 7, 2016
Dierks Earns Another MCAC Player of the Week Award

Lindsey Dierks, a 5'6" freshman volleyball player at M State in Fergus Falls has earned her second Player of the Week honor in as many weeks.

Dierks was once again named the MCAC Southern Division All-Around Player of the Week.  The freshman from Chokio had 9 digs, 7 kills and 1 ace in the lady Spartans loss to nationally ranked Ridgewater Community College from Willmar.

Posted By Craig Olson
Lake Region Healthcare
Cline Jensen P.A.
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